(Answered) NR503 Week 7 Assignment

Take some time now to mindfully reflect over the assignments, readings, discussion board, and web site exploration activities of the course, Population Health, Epidemiology, and Statistical. Next, take a look at the narrative and rubric for the assignment: Reflection on Achievement. You will be constructing a mind map, or concept map, that relates (connects) the activities of the course to the outcome objectives provided for you on the assignment narrative. Also, review the videos provided which also explain how to create a mind map or concept map, the two terms are often used to mean the same thing.

Total Points Possible: 50 Points

Due Date: Submit your concept map by Sunday, 11:59 p.m. MT at the end of Week 7.


  1. Have you ever created a Web of Causation, for an undergraduate community health course perhaps? Well you are now going to create a visual model, called a Concept Map or Mind Map, which expresses a synthesis (connection) of course learning (readings, written assignments, discussion board, etc.) to the following:
  • MSN Program Outcome #2:

Create a caring environment for achieving quality health outcomes (Care-Focused).

  • MSN Essential IV:

Translating and Integrating Scholarship into Practice

  • National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Competencies #4: Practice Inquiry Competencies (there are 6 competencies stated by NONPF in this particular area):

o    1. Provides leadership in the translation of new knowledge into practice.

o    2. Generates knowledge from clinical practice to improve practice and patient outcomes.

o    3. Applies clinical investigative skills to improve health outcomes.

o    4. Leads practice inquiry, individually or in partnership with others.

o    5. Disseminates evidence from inquiry to diverse audiences using multiple modalities.

o    6. Analyzes clinical guidelines for individualized application into practice


  1. Using an online free program (see samples below), Microsoft Word, or another method, create a Concept Map, or some call it a Mind Map. Your Concept Map will visually depict how you see the assignments of the course meet the outcomes above.

Please search on YouTube for videos on How to Create a Concept Map or look for examples online.

Free Mapping Software:

  • Canva
  • MindView
  • Mindmapping.com
  • You can use the features of Word in the ribbon on the top of a Word doc page also. For instance, if you click on “insert” you will see shapes and SmartArt. Or, you can use a PowerPoint slide to create a concept/mind map


Assignments play a pivotal role in knowledge acquisition. From the above mind map, it is arguable that the course assignment helped in achieving the course outcome in different ways. Assignments required one to demonstrated concepts through research and also exposed to informative insights and meaningful concepts thereby enabling the students to achieve the course outcomes. The assignments enhanced analytical skills, and also increased awareness of the topic. This, in turn, helped in achieving the course outcomes. Lastly, the assignment required extensive research and planning and through this, I was exposed to the course concepts…..Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $10