(Answered) NR503 Week 7:Global and Environmental Health

Please go to a lay press newspaper, for example, The Washington Post, The New York Times, or other national publication.  Locate an article that has global health implications, such as malaria, untreated strep throat or other infectious diseases in developing countries.  Other topic areas may address environmental global health issues, for example, safe water, sanitation, or oral health.  After you locate and read over the article respond to the following prompt:

During NR503 the Web of Causation, Epidemiological Triangle, Population Health and inter-professional collaboration have been discussed, as well as other population health topics.  Respond to your chosen article in this week’s discussion board by synthesizing, integrating, course concepts.  Compare and contrast  the article you chose to course concepts and this week’s objectives.  For example, consider the World Health Organization and its SDG’s or you may choose to write about social justice theory and its relationship to your article.  You may consider the WHO and SDG’s or perhaps you may choose to write about social justice and its relationship to this article. The specific focus is up to you, just be sure to integrate, compare/contrast, and think/write critically.  Your post should be a minimum of two paragraphs with 4-5 sentences per paragraph.  Your initial post should include a minimum of two (2) scholarly articles which would not include your course text, which is also permitted to be used. Reply posts should include a scholarly reference and be a minimum of one paragraph, 4-5 sentences.  A scholarly tone should be maintained.  Include the reference to the article using APA and link if available.


The article “Giving Malaria a deadline” by Wade (2018) reported on a genetic tool aimed at eradicating mosquitoes and consequently malaria. In particular, the article has reported the effect of malaria in developing countries specifically in Africa.  The article states in 2016, approximately 194 million individuals in Africa were infected with malaria and 445,000 deaths resulted from this disease. The new way of eradicating mosquitoes involves manipulating mosquitoes genetic that trigger the whole population of the mosquito to self-destruct. This technique has been proved to be effective and hence the need to use in Africa so as to eradicate malaria with the next two decades……Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5