(Answered) NR504 week 1 Discussion:

Consider the leadership theories and styles that have been addressed during Week 1, as well as their value to advanced nursing practice. Reflect upon your current leadership roles within the profession and respond to the following.

  • Select one leadership theory or style that aligns with your personal philosophy and leadership stance. Explain the selected theory or style, and discuss how it can be applied in your future MSN role.
  • Discuss your current leadership roles (formal and informal), and describe the formal and informal leadership roles that you will have in your area of advanced nursing practice.
  • In your future MSN role, what are the implications of your leadership for individuals, teams, organizations, and communities?

Include current, peer-reviewed scholarly support (outside of class resources) to validate your work.


A key leadership style that aligns with my personal philosophy is transformational leadership. Transformational leadership is a leadership approach in which a leader identifies the needed change, creates a vision to guide the identified change by inspiring members as well as executing the change with the members (Fischer, 2016) Transformational leadership is highly applicable in my future role as a nurse educator. Precisely, it will help me to proactively prepare nurse students to meet the need of the population in a challenging global environment. Transformational leadership will also be profound in developing nurse students that are engaged in learning, focused and with leadership acumen……Click link below to purchase full tutorial at $5