(Answered) NR504 week 2 Discussion:

  1. Provide a concise introduction for your posting.
  2. Reflect upon a leader who impacted your practice.
    1. How was this person an effective leader?
    2. What leadership knowledge, skills, and attitudes (KSAs) did the person possess?
    3. How did this person impact others?
  3. Share a self-assessment of your leadership KSAs; explain how they reflect the constructs within the Chamberlain College of Nursing Conceptual Framework.
  4. Discuss the significance of leadership competencies and personal leadership acumen to your future MSN role and specialty track.
  5. Conclude with a succinct synopsis of key points and concise self-reflection of how this topic contributes to your growth as a future leader in the chosen specialty track.

Please note that the requirements for the Peer Engagement Forum are different from what you are accustomed to in the traditional discussion boards in your previous classes. Refer to the assignment guideline and rubric listed below for specific requirements regarding expectations for postings within the peer engagement forum.

For leaders to be effective, they must be able to shape the behavior of others as well as impact them positively. Early in my career, I worked with a medical director who impacted my practice to a great extent. He adopted transformational leadership and despite the stressing times in the facility, he provided much need support. One of the outstanding aspects of his leadership is inspiring me to become a better nurse. He also treated everyone with respect no matter the job title. ¬†KSAs are considered as the knowledge, skills, and abilities that an individual ought to have to perform the responsibility of his or her duty. Knowledge (K) is the organized body of information or a condition of being aware of something (Gazza, Shellenbarger, & Hunker, 2018)….Click link below to purchase full tutorial at $5