(Answered) NR504 week 8 Discussion:

eflect upon the learning that you have accomplished throughout the previous weeks, and assess your achievement of each of the five course outcomes.


CO 1: Discern leadership approaches that facilitate achievement of health outcomes through interprofessional collaborative practice within micro-, meso-, and macro-level systems.

CO 2: Appraise the role of the MSN-prepared nurse to lead safe, efficient, ethical, high-quality, person-centered healthcare across complex systems.

CO 3: Integrate communication modalities that convey cultural humility, value the diverse nature of individuals, and cultivate healthful work environments.

CO 4: Apply change and leadership theories to plan sustainable, evidence-based quality improvement within an atmosphere that supports care for self and others.

CO 5: Recognize individual strengths and opportunities for enhancement regarding leadership characteristics reflective of a MSN-prepared nurse.

For each course outcome, explain the learning that you accomplished. Include at least specific learning activity or assignment that contributed to your achievement of that outcome, and explain how it supported your learning.

Conclude with your plans for continued professional development of leadership competency within your future MSN role.


As this class comes to an end, I feel endowed with knowledge on various aspects of leadership and its implication on healthcare. In regard to the outcome one of this course, my knowledge of various leadership approaches and their impacts on health care outcomes have been enhanced. For instance, I have explored transformational leadership and how transformational leadership facilitates interprofessional collaboration at micro, meso as well as macro-level system. This is articulated by Liu and Li (2018) that transformational leadership through idealized influence helps to forge a relationship that enables interprofessional collaboration…..Click link below to purchase full tutorial at $5