(Answered) NR505 Week 8:Future Use of Evidence-Based Practice

The lesson for Week 8 asks you to objectively reflect on your current use of evidence-based practice. Throughout this course you have worked hard and created a template for an EBP project proposal. Rather than look to the past, this discussion asks you to look to the future—your future as an MSN-prepared advanced practice nurse!


You are a nurse leader in your future advanced practice track-based setting. You notice that although nurses say they use evidence-based practice (EBP), you find very few examples of this. As the leader, you decide to develop an environment that fosters EBP. Please respond to each of the following topics.


How would you role model EBP in your future advanced practice setting? Be specific!

How would you foster an organizational culture that promotes EBP? How would you promote EBP throughout the entire organization?

You have one staff member who constantly says, “We have never done it this way—why change?” What actions would you take to change him or her from a distracter to a promoter of EBP?

Scholarly references to support your response are required.


Despite the continued campaigns on use of Evidence-based practices (EBP) in healthcare practice, there still exists major gaps as well as a myriad of barriers to developing a health care culture of EBP (Warren et al., 2016). Using the right techniques and strategies can facilitate EBP utilization in healthcare. To role model EBP in my future advanced nursing practice (APN) as a family nurse practitioner (FNP), I will provide continued education to my successors and fellow FNPs to enlighten them on the use of EBP in clinical practice. It is the role of FNP to teach and to assist fellow nursing staff to learn about optimal healthcare practices (Hrabe, 2017)…..Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5