(Answered) NR505NP Week 1: Area of Interest in NP

Week 1: Area of Interest in NP

Over the course of the next eight weeks, we will be examining concepts related to nursing research and the translation of evidence to practice. To help you better understand the process, you will be identifying a practice issue for nurse practitioners. You will develop a PICOT question associated with the issue, find evidence to support a change in practice, and present your recommendations for change to your peers. This week, we will work on helping you refine your area of interest so that you will be able to develop a concise question for next week’s assignment. You are encouraged to use the area of interest you chose for the project in NR500NP and/or NR501NP; however, you may choose a different area if you wish.

Select an issue in nurse practitioner (NP) practice that is of interest to you and in which you would like to see a practice change occur. Conduct a review of literature to see what is currently known about the topic. In 1-2 paragraphs, describe the scope and relevance of the issue and your recommended change. Provide reference support from at least two outside scholarly sources to support your ideas.


An issue in nurse practitioner practice that that is of interest to me is the high re-hospitalization among the patients with congestive heart failure. Even though there have been advances in therapy, which has helped in improving the wellbeing of patients with heart failure, readmission rates have remained a key challenge. Studies have reported that more than 20% of the patients are readmitted with the 30 days of discharge while more than 50% of the patients are re-hospitalization within the 6 months of discharge (O’Connor, 2017)….Click link below to purchase full tutorial at $5