Select two drivers (for example quality, cost, and access) of high performance healthcare systems and apply it to your current work situation. The application could demonstrate the presence of the driver in a positive manner or it could acknowledge the presence of a concern.


My selected key drivers of high-performance healthcare systems present in my current workplace are cost and quality. Nurses play a critical role in supporting the drivers by ascertaining that their patients are the heart of the performance. Approaches to supporting quality in healthcare system include delivery of patient-centered care and effective patient self-management. According to Saini et al. (2014), effective patient self-management facilitates the improvement of the quality of life and reduce caregivers’ and healthcare systems’ burden. In relation to costs, whilst some individuals, particularly the middle and the high social classes pay for healthcare services through insurance, the low-income, and minority populations continue to encounter cost challenges they do not afford paying for insurance. As such, in the event the uninsured are faced with health problems, they fail to afford quality health care leading to detrimental health conditions and increased mortality……Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5