(Answered) NR509 Week 3: Shadow Health Assessment Assignment

Introduction and Pre-brief

Two days after a minor, low-speed car accident in which Tina Jones was a passenger, she noticed daily bilateral headaches along with neck stiffness. She reports that it hurts to move her neck, and she believes her neck might be swollen. She did not lose consciousness in the accident and denies changes in level of consciousness since that time. She states that she gets a headache every day that lasts approximately 1-2 hours. She occasionally takes 650 mg of over the counter Tylenol with relief of the pain. This case study will allow you the opportunity to examine the patient’s optic nerve via use of the ophthalmoscope as well as assess her visual acuity. You will need to document your findings using appropriate medical terminology. Careful assessment of documentation of EACH cranial nerve is integral to performing a comprehensive neurological assessment. Be sure to assess for foot neuropathy using the monofilament test.


Step One: Complete the designated Shadow Health (SH) Assignment on the SH platform.

Step Two: Document your findings on the  Fillable Soap Note Template download or the Printable Soap Note 


NOTE: Before initiating any activity in Shadow Health, complete the required course weekly readings and lessons as well as review the introduction and pre-brief.

  1. Complete the Shadow Health Concept Lab (Weeks 2, 4, and 5) prior to beginning the graded assignment.
  2. Gather subjective and objective data by completing a focused, detailed health history and physical examination for each physical assessment assignment.
  3. Critically appraise the findings as normal or abnormal.
  4. Complete the post activity assessment questions for each assignment .
  5. Complete all reflection questions following each physical assessment assignment.
  6. Digital Clinical Experience (DCE) scores do not round up. For example, a DCE score of 92.99 is a 92, not a 93.
  7. You have a maximum of two (2) attempts per Shadow Health assignment to improve your performance. However, you may elect not to repeat any assignment. NOTE: If you repeat an attempt, ONLY the second attempt will be graded, regardless of the DCE score. Please refer to the grading rubric categories for details.
  8. Download the Lab Pass for the final attempt on the assignment.


This solution includes

  1. soap note
  2.  empathy and education
  3. objective and subjective data

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