(Answered) NR512 Week 7 Assignment


The FierceEMR and FierceHealthIT current topics from the Week 5 assignment will be summarized in 8-10 narrated slides for this Week 7 assignment. Students will summarize the rationale for choosing the topic, how it will impact practice in a positive and negative manner, including pros and cons. Include discussion of how informatics skills and knowledge were applied in the process relevance to developing the assignment. In the conclusion, provide recommendations for the future. Submit completed FierceHealthIT Hot Topic narrated PPT assignment to assignment folder by end of Week 7.

Preparing the Presentation

  1. The FierceEMR and FierceHealthIT Current Topic of the Week is a recap of the assignment from Wk. 5 and must be a professional, scholarly prepared PowerPoint narrated presentation of 8-10 slides including at least three scholarly references.
  2. You should have at least 8-10 slides. It is important to note that if you could not give your presentation and someone would have to stand in for you, he or she would need to know what you were going to say. Use the speaker-notes section so that someone may step in for you and not miss a beat.
  3. Maintain the 6x6x6 rule for a professional PowerPoint presentation. No more than 6 lines per slide, 6 words per line, and 6 slides without a graphic.
  4. All aspects of the presentation must be in APA format as expressed in the 6th edition.
  5. Ideas and information from professional sources must be cited correctly.
  6. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and citations are consistent with formal academic writing.
  7. Due to the size of the file with narration, please do not include any animation.


With time the healthcare sector has seen integration of major technological advancements which have been significantly useful in patient assessment, diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment. Nursing Informatics (NI) has to a huge extent facilitated the integration of nursing technology and science in enhancing knowledge of information for better patient care. For instance, telehealth has enabled access to healthcare patients in remote areas.

The selected healthIT topic is Telehealth is one of the emerging healthcare sector technologies and it involves utilization of telecommunications together with virtual technology in delivery of healthcare services outside the physical healthcare settings (Lee, Wang, Liu, & Holbrook, 2018). Telehealth entails data and information exchange between patient at home and care provider for various medical conditions diagnosis and monitoring. Telehealth applies different information and communication technologies such as  teleconsultations, intraoperative monitoring, remote patient monitoring, and telehomecare for improvement of healthcare aceess and health outcomes (Bieber & Weiner (2018).

According to Mazur (2017), around 25% of United States patients do not have easy access to primary care. In addition, U.S has in the recent years seen a substantial growth in population leading to increase in individuals under Affordable Care Act insurance and insufficiency of healthcare resources including shortage of care providers. Shortage of care providers has rendered it challenging for patients to comfortably and conviniently access primary care. More so, as established by Jetty, Moore, Coffman,  Petterson, and Bazemore (2018), a plethora of physicians spend a considerable amount of time in moving from one facility to another to ensure that all patients receive healthcare as needed. Further, many patients, particularly those in remote areas have travel for long distances in looking of access to primary care services. As such, considering the above mentioned challenges, it is hghly paramount for the healthcare sector to establish an effective approach to addressing patient needs. According to Bieber and Weiner (2018), the technology advancements such as telehealth can considerable help in ensuring accessibility to primary care by all patients across the nation. I ought to develop extensive knowledge in regards to telehealth IT topic to be able to leverage on it for provision of patient quality care as well as improvement of patient outcomes…….Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $10