(Answered) NR512 Week 7: Safeguarding Health Information and Systems

A new concept for some organizations is to allow nurses to bring in their own devices known as bring your own devices (BYOD) to use at work. What are some of the security issues you might encounter if this were allowed? How would you address these issues? How is this issue addressed in your practice setting?


The revolution of mobile smart phones technology has considerably placed more computing devices at everyone’s reach. The new concepts of allowing health care providers to bring with them their own devices (Bring Your Own Devices-BYOD) into the healthcare setting creates huge privacy and security risks and vulnerabilities in the hospital. However, it enhances new opportunities for enhancement of communication, clinical applications and workflow. Allowing effective and efficient communication amongst the medical providers allow for improved information flow. Some mobile based applications threaten the privacy and security of the organization’s network. Thusly, the healthcare IT department might need to create a platform for ensuring the healthcare software operates on all the operating systems which include apple, Microsoft, android and blackberry. As such, the use of multiple devices creates security and HIPAA concerns. With these devices, there exist blurred line between personal and professional use of these devices which may implicate one privacy (Garba, Armarego, Murray, & Kenworthy, 2015)……Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5