(Answered) NR535 Week 1: Nursing Education Goals

hink about your goal in nursing education (i.e., teaching in a pre-licensure program or an MSN program, or as a staff development specialist). Then review either (1) the Board of Nursing requirements for nursing faculty in your state (for an academic program), OR (2) the facility requirements for a healthcare setting. Based on your goals and these requirements, what additional knowledge, skills, and abilities do you need to be eligible to meet your goal and how will you achieve these knowledge, skills, and abilities?

Please post your answer and in the beginning identify the role you have chosen:

  • Academic Nurse Educator
  • Nursing Professional Development Specialist


The role I have chosen is that of an academic nurse educator. A major requirement for this role in my state, Illinois is a master’s degree with a major in nursing (MSN). Based on this requirement and my goal additional knowledge, skills, and abilities that I need include cultural competence, as well as communication skills. In regard to communication skills, nurse educators need people skills as they interact with others so much hence, great people skills including effective communication are essential (Ilic, Harding, Allan, & Diug, 2016).  Cultural competency is also essential..To access the solution  click the icon below to purchase at $5