(Answered) NR535 Week 5: Collaboration Cafe

The NurseTim® Webinar this week was Innovative Ways to Engage Diverse Learners by Ms. Deck. Based on the webinar, the readings for the week, the lesson, and your individual research into didactic teaching strategies, and as Ms. Deck asked in the webinar, what is your secret talent that could make you a star? To put it another way, tell us what you believe will be your best attribute that you will bring to the didactic teaching environment.

The Collaboration Cafe is graded this week (25 points). Your faculty member will be participating in the discussion. Scholarly references are not required. Please see the guidelines and rubric for more information.


A valuable attribute that helps me in both my personal and professional life is patience. I believe that patience is an essential attribute in a teacher as it helps in adapting teaching and meeting the learning needs of the diverse learners.  I do understand that different students have different learning styles. As such, I will tailor the instructions to different learning styles. At times it can be challenging and demanding to meet the individual needs of the student because of diversity in their learning style. However, I do believe that with the attribute of patience, I can help them overcome challenges and ensure