(Answered) NR535 Week 5: Engaging Diverse Learners Quiz

Question 1

What are the four types of learner engagement?


Academic, Behavioral, Cognitive, Emotional


Attention, Behaviors, Cognition, Emotions


Activities, Efforts, Mandates, Connections


Accomplishments, Attempts, Awareness, Affection

Question 2

Which learning style is the most effective?






Question 3

Academic behavior includes:

Creating Personal Connections with the class

Mandated activities for the class

Being active and involved with the class

Question 4

According to Knowles Adult Learning Theory, the major difference between children and adult learning is: 

Knowledge of learning style

Ability to take responsibility for learning

Ability to think critically

Question 5

The two key elements of engagement are:


  1. Emotional connection
  2. Active behavior
  3. Personal connections
  4. Involvement with students


1 and 3

3 and 4

1 and 2

2 and 4



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