(Answered) NR535 Week 7: Case Study Part II

  • At the grievance hearing, Susie tells the committee that the faculty member who accused her of plagiarism is much younger and seems to be trying to “make a name for herself.” Susie told the faculty member that she has never had another faculty member take points off for any of her APA formatting. The committee’s next step is to review the policy for plagiarism at your school. Please identify three key points in the policy.
  • Note: To complete this part of the case study, please search for an academic integrity policy from any nursing program and use that in the discussion.


An academic integrity policy is highly relevant for any ideal nursing program. This is because such a policy communicates to the students that the education provided is founded on the core values of honesty. The policy also communicates the expected standards that the students should adhere to and carry these values in their future careers. The integrity policy can also serve as a point of reference when the students violate the policy by plagiarizing the work. In light of this, some of the key points from the Penn State College of Nursing (2019) integrity policy include:

  1. Taking another person’s both published or unpublished work or ideas and using them or calling them your own is plagiarism.

Failure to reference other people’s work………