(Answered) NR535 Week 7: Case Study Part III

  • The committee determines that Susie did breach the school policy on plagiarism; however, the committee is not sure if it is intentional plagiarism or ignorance of APA formatting. What do you do now? What is the committee’s final decision about this grievance?


In some instances, students engage in unintentional plagiarism by omitting citations of the sources or failure to give credit to another person’s idea. Despite being unintentional, such acts amount to plagiarism. On the other hand, intentional plagiarism involves using other people’s and presenting as own. The three points to determine the decision in a grievance¬† include:

Refer Susie to the writing center: The rationale for this decision is to provide a learning opportunity on how to correctly use APA, and how to integrate sources correctly. She would also get the opportunity to learn how to paraphrase with key emphasis being on how to translate the