(Answered) NR535 week 7 part 1

You are the chairperson of the School of Nursing Grievance Committee. On Monday morning, you receive an e-mail from Susie Student, who wants to file a grievance. She has been expelled from the nursing program due to plagiarism. You ask Susie to come to your office to discuss the potential grievance. During the meeting, Susie tells you English is not her native language and she is 50 years old and has always been an A student.

What are two questions you and the grievance committee would ask Susie regarding plagiarism, and what is the rationale for these questions? What are two questions you would ask the faculty member, and what is the rationale for these questions?


Key Questions for the Student

  1. What are the circumstances that lead to you to copying or plagiarizing the work?
  2. Do you think poor time management and organization skills contributed to plagiarism?

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