(Answered) NR536 : Collaboration cafe

When you were a new graduate, how comfortable were you with clinical decision making? Were there techniques used by instructors to help you learn decision making? Did you learn it “on the job”? Focus on the techniques so that the discussion will focus on “how” to help learners think critically and make appropriate clinical decisions.


As a new, graduate I was uncomfortable with clinical decision making and found it challenging. The transition from a student to a nurse in the clinical setting came with huge responsibilities which I found intimidating. At first, I felt unprepared and overwhelmed with the responsibility in unity, which further made it challenging to recognize acute changes in the patient’s health. Nevertheless, I had a preceptor who made it possible to overcome the challenges. She had a vast knowledge that was recognized by most of the nurses and the new graduates in the new unit. …..Click link below to purchase full tutorial at $5