(Answered) NR536 Week 1 Collaboration Café

The clinical environment as part of experiential learning is of major importance to the educator. Select your type of learner (i.e., undergraduate nursing student, new graduate in a mentoring program, a family learning how to provide gastric feedings for a child) and discuss the clinical site.

Topic: This discussion focuses on what makes a good clinical site for the selected learner you will be working with as a nurse educator in the future.


Appropriate clinical site for undergraduate nursing students is significant in enabling them to meet curricula competencies as well as the required clinical experience. A good clinical site should provide undergraduate students with ample opportunities to achieve course objectives. The student should therefore be assigned a variety of patients and adequate time given for them to learn.  Exposing the undergraduate nursing students to an array of clinical scenarios helps the students to develop clinical competency in various areas….Click link below to purchase full tutorial at $5