(Answered) NR536 week 3: Experiential Learning Environments

This is the second day of an experiential learning event. While you have eight students, one of them has caught your attention. The learner seems to be non-verbally engaged by nodding in agreement to other learners’ statements/answers and has good eye contact, but yet does not answer any question. Yesterday, you asked this student a question, but after a few seconds of silence, another student answered the question. You could almost see the disappointment on the first student’s face.

Today is a different day. What educational methods would you suggest in order to encourage this student to respond to questions?


Educators are faced with the challenges of addressing the learning needs of individuals students. This is because different learners have different learning styles, which can make it challenging to adopt a pedagogical approach that can fit all the student’s needs. Nevertheless, educators can focus on the type of question being asked in the class. For instance, in the case of the above students who takes time to answer the question and end up being answered by other students, Socratic questions directed to the students can be helpful……Click link below to purchase full tutorial at $5