(Answered) NR542 Week 3: Course Project—Database Plan

Preparing the Paper

Criteria for Content:

  1. An introduction informs about the topic of the paper and how it is organized.
  2. Explanation of the selected problem and why it needs a database as an information-management solution
  3. Explanation of a conceptual data model for the planned database
  4. All entities planned for the database are named.
  5. A justification or rationale for each entity is provided.
  6. The E-R diagram for each entity is discussed briefly in the text and is found in an appendix. The E-R diagrams can be created for individual entities mapped to all other relevant entities or a single E-R diagram showing all entities and their relationships may be provided.
  7. The identifier for each entity is named. The identifier can be narrated in the paper or included with the E-R diagram in the appendix.
  8. The relationships between entities are discussed briefly in text and illustrated, including cardinality, in the E-R diagram in the appendix or in a separate appendix.
  9. Three questions planned for the database are provided. The original questions presented in week 1 discussion may be used, or revised questions may be presented.
  10. A conclusion that recaps the paper and discusses insights gained from working on this assignment is presented.

Criteria for Paper Format and Special Instructions:

  1. E-R diagrams will be in an appendix with your 3 questions on the document
  2. Illustrations of entity relationships will be in an appendix
  3. Drawings can be done manually, with Microsoft Office tools, or with third-party software
  4. The database project will be developed in Microsoft Ecxel or Access
  5. All aspects of the paper must be in APA format as expressed in the current edition
  6. Only scholarly literature is used to support decisions
  7. The paper (excluding the title page, references, and appendices) must be 2-4 pages.
  8. A minimum of 3 references are required. One of the course texts may be used as a reference.
  9. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, citations, and references are consistent with formal academic writing.


Database Plan


A database is valuable in a healthcare system. This is because it helps in organizing data, making it easier to retrieve. It also ensures data is collected and stored in the right place. In light of this, this paper identified a problem, the rationale for the database in regard to this problem, and a description of the Chen ER diagram.



The problem identified is the high rate of medication error. A study by Johns Hopkins (2016) indicates that medication errors are the leading cause of death. In addition, approximately 250,00 dies annually in the U.S from medical errors. Several factors contribute to the medication errors, such as inadequately skilled staff, a system defect, or error in the judgment of medical care. Therefore, this problem needs to have a database to reduce the rate of medication errors. One of the rationales for the database is, therefore is to record and organize data relating to the medication errors (Mahmudova, 2019). ..To access the solution  click the icon below to purchase at $10