(Answered) nr566 Week 6: Quiz Writer

Preparing the Assignment

Follow these guidelines when completing each component of the assignment. Contact your course faculty if you have questions. 

1.  Quiz-item writing 

    • Develop five (5) quiz-type questions related to the content/reading assignments for this week. 
    • Use a clinical-based scenario in at least one question. 
    • Use multiple-choice, select all that apply, or matching question format.   
    • Post your five (5) questions in the weekly discussion board. Do not provide answers to your five (5) questions in the initial post. 

2.  Respond to a peer.  Preferably one who has not yet received a response. 

    • Answer the five (5) quiz questions posted by one student peer. Answer questions that have not been responded to unless there are no available posts without a response already.  
    • Provide an evidence-based rationale for each of your answers to the five (5) questions.  
    • Provide a citation and matching reference is required from the course textbook for each of the five (5) rationales.  
    • Provide one evidence-based learning point related to the quiz questions.  Provide a current (within 5 years) citation and matching reference.  Sources may include course textbook, professional organizations, clinical practice guidelines, research studies, etc.  

3.  Respond to the peer who provided answers to your five (5) quiz-type questions.  If more than one peer responded to your questions, you only have to answer one (the first one preferably).  

    • Identify the number of correct answers to the five (5) quiz-type questions.  
    • Provide an evidence-based rationale for any incorrect answers as you explain the correct answer.  
    • Include a citation and reference for the correct answer from the assigned textbook for the course.  
    • Use positive and supportive communication to support a positive learning environment. 


1. What baseline data is needed to prescribe Cholinesterase Inhibitors? (Select all that apply)

     A. Assess cognitive and functional neurological status.

     B. Assess for evidence of gastrointestinal problems.

     C. Check baseline weight and basic respiratory and cardiovascular status

      D. Check the Hepatic function

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