(Answered) NR601 Week 1: Discussion Board – Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment


Step 1:  

Review the assigned topics which are listed by student number. For example, if your student number is 2 you will discuss the functional health domain and then respond to a classmate who has posted on the psychological health domain.

Your student number:   Your assessment domain  Your peer response domain 
1, 5 and 9 Physical health   Socioenvironmental health & quality of life measures 
2, 6 and 10
Functional health   Psychological health 
3 and 7  Psychological health   Functional health 
4 and 8   Socioenvironmental health & quality of life measures   Physical health 

Step 2:

For your assigned assessment domain: 

  1. Provide a brief 3-5 sentence summary of the components of the domain assessment* 
  2. Choose a screening tool which is appropriate for your domain. Explain the screening tool purpose, components and scoring technique*  
  3. Provide 2 references in APA format beneath the table which support your work.  You may use the textbook. The second reference must be a scholarly source.  

*All responses must be your work, in your own words. 

 Your table should look like the following: 

Comprehensive Geriatric  


Domain  Dimensions of assessment  Screening tool related to the domain(s)  


Step 3:


Domain Dimensions of assessment Screening tool related to the domain(s) 
 Psychological health  Comprehensive geriatric assessment takes into consideration the multidimensional holistic assessment of an older person to aid the formulation of a plan that can address the pertinent issue in the older adults. One of the domains of the comprehensive geriatric assessment is P depression, delirium, and dementia ( Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) is a screening tool appropriate for the psychological health domain. MoCA comprises 30 questions and that helps in detecting cognitive impairment.

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