(Answered) NR660 Week 2 Discussion

Discuss how your Capstone Project contributes to the nursing profession as well as to your specialty focus.


My capstone project entails developing and improving leadership and managerial skills in practicing nurses by means of aligning the nurses’ activities with their career goals whilst demonstrating their capacity for applying healthcare concepts in healthcare settings. Leadership and managerial skills are considered essential in the development of the nursing profession and in my specialty focus. As such, my project will build the nursing profession through facilitating nursing workforce in their exploration of critical principles of leadership and the pertinent management skills on the basis of teamwork and group dynamics. In addition, the nurses will learn numerous leadership and management methodologies as well as their impact in the nursing practice. According to Wong (2015), nurses’ involvement in the provision of resolutions to the many challenges facing the healthcare sector today is dictated by their productivity in influencing outcomes…..Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5