(Answered) NR660 Week 3 Discussion

What evidence or information are you discovering in the literature to support your project?


A plethora of literature has been developed in light of developing and improving leadership and managerial skills in practicing nurses through the application of various evidence-based strategies. In relation to my project, I discovered numerous supportive literature. To begin with, the study by Al-Sawai (2013) established that aligning the management and leadership models with clinical practice and nurses’ career goals facilitate in enhancing the quality of patient care and service delivery. In addition, the study supports that collaborative working in nursing practice builds the capacity of nurses to employ healthcare concepts for improvement of clinical decision making. An additional supportive literature is a study by Babiker et al. (2014) which has it that there is the need for effective leadership and management in nursing guided by teamwork and collaboration for improvement of patient quality of life and health outcomes. It identifies that effective leadership and management skills are needed in the healthcare practice for addressing the increasing co-morbidities as well as complexities in care specialization……Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5