(Answered) NR660 Week 5 discussion:

Identify what barriers you have encountered while developing the Capstone Project. What have you done to resolve these issues?


According to Melnyk, Gallagher‐Ford, Long, and Fineout‐Overholt (2014), in implementing an evidence-based solution to improve or change a particular practice, it is inevitable to encounter barriers. The barriers usually range from individual to organizational barriers and can be from internal or/ and external forces. In this regards, developing the capstone project was faced with a number of barriers. To begin with, time constraint was a limiting factor as the nurses had limited time to attend training and educative sessions set to enlighten them on the project following the busy nature of nursing practice. An additional barrier is unsupportive organizational culture following nurse resistance and negative attitude. Nurses lacked the willingness to change their conventional way of doing things. More so, the nurse managers and leaders were unsupportive as they felt their positions and power threaten if all nurses developed managerial and leadership skills. An additional barrier encountered was poor project management and leadership during skills…….Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5