(Answered) NR660 Week 6 Discussion

Discuss ethical dilemmas you may have encountered in developing your project; additionally, describe how your project may impact upon ethics within your place of work, community, or nursing.


Skela-Savič and Kiger (2015) mention that researchers usually encounter various ethical dilemmas in every study development stage, from project designing to reporting. The ethical challenges include confidentiality, informed consent, anonymity, the potential impact of the researcher to the participants, and of participants to the researchers (Aitamaa, Leino-Kilpi, Iltanen, & Suhonen, 2016). As my study was a mixed study method that employed qualitative and quantitative approaches, I encountered ethical dilemmas in every stage of project development, particularly when employing qualitative approaches. The prominent ethical dilemma was lack of trust and confidentiality concerns which led to the decreased commitment of the nurses to the project as they struggled to freely share with the researchers their career goals as well as their perspective of nursing leadership and management skills. More so, the nurses struggled to share reliable information in relation to their leadership and management skills. When asked how they felt about the current healthcare leadership and management, the nurses were reluctant to respond with negativity as they feared conflicts and friction with the leadership and management…..Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5