(Answered) NR660 Week 8 Discussion

Reflect upon the Capstone Project and identify the contributions it has made to your professional development and attainment of career goals.


With the constant advancement in the healthcare sector, the capstone project course has become highly pivotal in personal and professional nurse development for the advancement of their careers (Rogers & Education, 2017). Reflecting on the capstone course, I can positively say that it has enabled me to advance my knowledge, skills, and experience in nursing practice. Through interactive and collaborative interactions with students from other specialties within the school, while undertaking research, I was able to examine opportunities, challenges, and concerns within the healthcare sector, most particularly, within my career pathway. I was able to view the world in a real perspective and identify the problems whilst linking them to optimal solutions. As I researched on leadership and management skill development in nursing, I was able to learn new concepts and acquire significant skills which will not only beneficial as personal values, but as professional values too. I developed the ability to take new knowledge, new practices, and skills and integrate them into a professional practice for my career goal development…..Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5