(Answered) NR667 Week 1: Certification Review Plan

Total Points Possible: 100


  1. Review the results of the APEA Pre-Predictor exam taken during NR603 in detail. Include a copy of this report as an appendix in your assignment submission.
  2. Review the following APEA knowledge areas: Cardiovascular, dermatology, endocrine, EENT, gastroenterology, health promotion, hematology, men’s health, neurology, orthopedics, pediatrics, pregnancy, professional issues, psychiatry, respiratory, sexually transmitted infections, urology, and women’s health.
  3. Review the following APEA testing domains: Assessment, diagnosis, evaluation, pharmacotherapeutics, and planning and intervention.
  4. There must be a minimum of four (4) knowledge areas and two (2) testing domains included in the study plan (additional weak areas are encouraged to be included). At a minimum, the student should select the lowest scored four (4) knowledge areas and the lowest scored two (2) testing domains.
  5. The study plan must include at least six (6) total learning goals based on the knowledge areas and testing domains (see above). Each goal must have at least four (4) associated learning activities, a timeline for completion (within the current class timeframe), and a reflection.
  6. Learning activities must be clearly identified and detailed.
  7. Learning activities may include, but are not limited to:
    • Practicing with subject specific and additional 150 question exams in the APEA myQbank
    • Additional time studying specific areas of the APEA review module
    • Watching a webinar
    • Reading specific journal articles
    • Attending a conference or workshop
    • Working with preceptor in clinical setting to address identified weaknesses
    • Reviewing case studies
    • Going through a practice simulation
    • Studying from the certification review textbook
    • Attending a live certification review course


Learning Goal Learning Activities


Timeline Reflection



Improve my knowledge of cardiovascular function and diseases. 1. Reviewing case stride on the diseases that affect the cardiovascular system

2. Review journal articles on the common drug class used for diseases that affect cardiovascular

3. Engaging in a simulation to practice cardiovascular diseases.

4. Reviewing the certification review book on cardiovascular-related issues

 Within 4 weeks  Improving my knowledge of the cardiovascular system will help me to carry out a comprehensive assessment of a patient who presents to the hospital, arrive at the right diagnosis, and provide the right intervention. I will also be able to prescribe the right medication. Similarly, enhanced knowledge will also enable me to pass my certification exam.

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