(Answered) NRNP 6540 Week1 Discussion

To prepare:


Review this week’s Learning Resources, considering how assessment tools are used to evaluate patients.

Your Instructor will assign a case study to use for this Discussion. Review the case study and, based on the provided information, think about a possible patient evaluation plan. As part of your evaluation planning, consider where the evaluation would take place, whether any other professionals or family members should be present, appropriate assessment tools and guidelines, and any other relevant information you may wish to address.

Consider whether the assessment tool you identified was validated for use with this specific patient population and if this poses issues. Think about additional factors that might present issues when performing assessments such as language, education, prosthetics, missing limbs, etc.

Consider immunization requirements that may be needed for this patient.


Case Study 1:

Mr. Perkins, age 81, reports for an annual physical examination. He says he is doing well. His only known problem is osteoarthritis. He also requests a flu shot. He takes no medications other than Tylenol for arthritis pain. When he walks into the exam room, you notice that he is using a straight cane in his right hand. When you ask about the cane, he says he began using the cane because the pain in his right hip had increased significantly over the past 6 months.


The case study assigned involves Mr. Perkins, age 81 who presents for her annual physical examination. His key health problem is osteoarthritis. Current medications include Tylenol for managing arthritis pain. The patient also complains of pain at his right hip. Given that osteoarthritis is among the key cause of hip pain in older adults, it would be important to carry out the assessment. The assessment tool that can be used in this case is the ….Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5