(Answered) NRS 451VN Topic 4 Assignment: Organizational Culture and Values

Prepare a 10-15 slide PowerPoint presentation, with speaker notes, that examines the significance of an
organization culture and values. For the presentation of your PowerPoint, use Loom to create a voice-over or a
video. Refer to the Topic Materials for additional guidance on recording your presentation with Loom. Include an
additional slide for the Loom link at the beginning, and an additional slide for References at the end.
1. Outline the purpose of an organization's mission, vision, and values.
2. Explain why an organization's mission, vision, and values are significant to nurse engagement and patient
3. Explain what factors lead to conflict in a professional practice. Describe how organizational values and
culture can influence the way conflict is addressed.
4. Discuss effective strategies for resolving workplace conflict and encouraging interprofessional collaboration.
5. Discuss how organizational needs and the culture of health care influence organizational outcomes.
Describe how these relate to health promotion and disease prevention from a community health perspective.


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