(Answered) NRS 490 week 1:Individual Success Plan (ISP)

ISP Instructions

Use this form to develop your Individual Success Plan (ISP) for NRS-490, the Professional Capstone and Practicum course. An individual success plan maps out what you, the RN-to-BSNstudent, needs to accomplish in order to be successful as you work through this course and complete your overall program of study. You will also share this with your mentor at the beginning and end of this course so that he or she will know what you need to accomplish.

Application-based learning assignments are listed in the course syllabus with a Practice Portfolio Statement requirement element noted within the assignment itself.In order for you to successfully complete and graduate from the RN-to-BSN Program you must meet the following programmatic requirements: (1) completion of 100 practice immersion hours, and (2) completion of work associated with all program competencies.

In this ISP, you will identify all of the objectives, tasks, and/or assignments relating to the 100 practice immersion hours you need to complete by the end of this course. Specify the dates by which you will complete each tasks and/or assignments. Your plan should include a self-assessment of how you met all applicable GCU RN-to-BSN Domains & Competencies (see Appendix A).

ALL course assignments listing a “Practice Hours Portfolio” statement must be included in the ISP and are worth and recorded here as approximately 10 hours each. Actual clock hours must be recorded onthis time log.

General Requirements

Use the following information to ensure successful completion of each assignment as it pertains to deliverables due in this course:

  • Use the Individual Success Plan to develop a personal plan for completing your practice immersion hours and self-assess how you will meet the GCU RN-to-BSN University Mission Critical Competencies and the Programmatic Domains & Competencies (Appendix A) related to that course.

Show all of the major deliverables in the course, the topic/course objectives that apply to each deliverable, and lastly, align each deliverable to the applicable University Mission Critical Competencies and the course-specific Domains and Competencies (Appendix A).

Completing yourISP does not earn practice hours, nor does telephone conference time, or time spent with your mentor.

Within the Individual Success Plan, ensure you identify all course assignments which may include the following: Memorandums of Understanding (MOU)(if Affiliation Agreement is not required); comprehensive log of practice immersion hours applied to baccalaureate level learning outcomes; evaluations from faculty and mentors; your evaluations of your mentor; scholarly activity report; competency self-assessment (part of your ISP); reflective journal (Submitted in Week 10 but covering all weeks.



Application-based Learning Course Assignments List of Current Course Objectives Number of Clock Hours Associated with Each Assignment



Date Due



University Mission Critical Competencies and

Programmatic Domains & Competencies

(see Appendix A)




Identification of  EBP project topic as well as approval Ability to identify current issues in the health sector 8 Week 1 MC 2

MC 5

Domain 1

Domain 3


Development of  PICOT question Ability to create a logic clinical question 8 Week 2 MC 2

MC 4

Domain 1

Domain 2


Identification of literature materials Ability to search for credible sources for the identified health issue 8 Week 3 MC 2

MC 3

Domain 1

Domain 2


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