(Answered) NRS490 Week 4 Discussion 1

Why is understanding the health care system at the local level important to consider when planning an EBP implementation? Conduct research and solicit anecdotal evidence from your course mentor that you will take into consideration for your own change project.


According to Acharya et al. (2017), Evidence Based Practices (EBP) facilitates the attainment of equilibrium between the contemporary clinical policies and guidelines, technology and the diverse patient health demands. Taking this into consideration, EBP should be taken into cognizant at every healthcare level from local to national. Understanding the health care at local level contexts facilitates the systematic enhancement of healthcare quality. According to Wells, and Card (2017), having an extensive understanding for an organization at local levels improves one’s consciousness of the organizations’ culture as well as the employees’ attitudes, values skills and perceptions. Further, it provides one with the propensity to identify advancement opportunities and gaps and an understanding of the diverse patient attributes and nature, and their health needs, not to mention the key improvement areas….Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5