(Answered) NURS 4005 week 3 discussion: Discussion: Psychological Complications Resulting From Illnesses and Injuries

The nurse’s role goes far beyond that which is expected. Nurses are the main communicators between patients, doctors, and family, and they care for more than just physical ailments. Often, nurses are presented with difficult situations where being an advocate becomes paramount to the healing of the patient. One of the issues that patients with acute and chronic illnesses or extended hospitalization face is a tendency to become depressed. The nurse’s role in this situation requires more than just attention to the physical problem. Another situation where a nurse may need to shift his or her care is when a patient presents with a suspicious injury or illness. In addition to considering the legal and ethical responsibilities of the nurse, he or she must consider the psychological undertones that may be present.

For this Discussion, you will consider delicate situations that nurses often face and analyze the implications of these situations. Reflect on a patient care situation in which you have encountered one of the following:

  • A suspicious illness or injury
  • Depression resulting from illness or injury

Then, locate at least one scholarly journal article related to your patient care situation that offers strategies for managing the circumstances.

By Day 3

Respond to the following:

  • Explain your patient encounter, highlighting the challenges the situation presented, and briefly summarize the contents of your journal article.
  • What strategies did you employ to help handle the situation? What other strategies could you have used?
  • How did you advocate for the patient in the situation?
  • What are some of the legal and ethical implications that need to be considered when providing care for patients with illnesses or injuries resulting from depression or suspicious illnesses or injuries?


My patient encounter related to this discussion was an encounter with a patient with depression resulting from illness. The patient, a 52-year-old Caucasian female, suffered a stroke which paralyzed her left side body and she had to completely rely on his husband and children to help her move around as she could not even go to the bathroom without assistance. This made her feel awkward, embarrassed, ashamed, and she also felt like she had lost her independence and privacy.  However, the patient recovered after a three-week intensive physiotherapy and she regained her independence and privacy. Even though she had recovered from the stroke, the patient could not forget the events and experiences she went through when she suffered the stroke. The shame and embarrassment could not ease and she sometimes for her death. When she came for a routine check-up, she was diagnosed with mild depression resulting from the emotional distress she had experience.Please click the icon below to purchase the full solution at $5