Answered) NURS 6051 Module 2 Assignment: Case Study Analysis

case study

76-year-old female patient complains of weight gain, shortness of breath, peripheral edema, and abdominal swelling. She has a history of congestive heart failure and admits to not taking her diuretic, as it makes her “have to get up every couple hours to go to the bathroom.” She now has to sleep on two pillows in order to get enough air.

Assignment (1- to 2-page case study analysis)

In your Case Study Analysis related to the scenario provided, explain the following

  • The cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary pathophysiologic processes that result in the patient presenting these symptoms.
  • Any racial/ethnic variables that may impact physiological functioning.
  • How these processes interact to affect the patient.


Alterations in the Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems

The cardiovascular and respiratory systems are interrelated and the health of one system influences the health of the other. In light of this, the assigned case scenario is of a 76-year old female patient present to the clinic complaining of weight gain SOB, peripheral edema as well as abdominal swelling.  She has a history of congestive heart failure and she has not been taking diuretics because of frequent urination. She has been experiencing SOB and has to use the pillow as props. In this context, this paper seeks to provide a discussion of pathophysiologic processes that causes the patient to present with these symptoms, the influence of racial or ethnic variable on physiological functioning as well as how the processes interact to affect the patient.To access the solution  click the icon below to purchase at $10