(Answered) NURS 6521 Final exam

  • Question 1
A 34-year-old male has been diagnosed with TB and will be started on INH therapy. The medication history reveals that he currently takes antacids on a regular basis. The nurse will instruct the patient to take
Selected Answer: antacids not less than 1 hour before or 2 hours after taking INH.
  • Question 2
Which of the following medications is most likely to cause weight gain?
Selected Answer: mirtazapine
  • Question 3
A pregnant patient asks the Nurse Practitioner what over-the-counter medication she can take for recurring headaches. The nurse should recommend
Selected Answer: tylenol.
  • Question 4
A 7-year-old child has been taking tetracycline for a bacterial infection. The nurse will be sure to inform the parents that this drug could cause
Selected Answer: staining of permanent teeth.
  • Question 5
Which of the following medications does not require routine bloodwork?
Selected Answer: clozapine
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