(Answered) Nurs 6640 week 3 Assignment 2

Assignment #2 is from your clinical of completing a comprehensive client family assessment and genogram. This is due by day 7 of this week. Use your Wheeler textbook pages 137-142 for the required material for your evaluation. Also review the example write-up I sent you as well to help with structure of most write-ups in psychiatric care. You must include a genogram


Part 1: Comprehensive Client Assessment

Demographic information:

J.J is a 27 year old African American female currently living in Maryland state. She is single, heterosexual, and a mother to fraternal twins, aged 3 months. She has a bachelors’ degree in accounting and works as an accountant in an auditing firm.

Presenting Problem

J.J has been referred for psychotherapy by her primary care provider. She complains of being tired and unable to take care of her twins and manage her needs as well as the job. She states “I am completely tired and I think I am unfit to take care for my twin babies”

History of Present Illness

J.J came to clinic or psychotherapy after being referred by her primary care providers. J.J states that since she delivered her twins, she has been facing difficulties raising them and things seem to worsen day by day. In the past 3 weeks, she has not been able to take care of her babies and she is contemplating on giving them up for adoption. However, the thought of separating with her babies scares her. Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $10