(Answered) NURS 6650 Week 2: Practicum Journal

Select two clients you observed or counseled this week during a family therapy
session. Note: The two clients you select must have attended the same family session.
Then, address in your Practicum Journal the following:
 Using the Group Therapy Progress Note in this week’s Learning Resources, document
the family session.
 Describe (without violating HIPAA regulations) each client, and identify any pertinent
history or medical information, including prescribed medications.
 Using the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders, Fifth Edition
(DSM-5), explain and justify your diagnosis for each client.
 Explain any legal and/or ethical implications related to counseling each client.
 Support your approach with evidence-based literature.


Week 2 Journal Entry- Family Therapy

Family therapy is given to family members to enhance their communication, relationship, and helping in conflict resolution (Gurman, Lebow, & Snyder, 2015). Family therapies have various ethical and legal considerations. This paper discusses two family clients including their health assessment, diagnoses, and legal-ethical implication involved in their therapy.

Clients Description

History of Presenting Case

The two client families are Mr. Japheth Anton aged 35 years old and his Mrs. Liza Japheth aged 30-years old. The couple has been married for two years and has no children yet. The couple presented at the clinic to seek help following worsened alcohol addiction affecting Mr. Japheth. Recently, Mr. Japheth was fired from work due to alcoholism and almost got into an accident for drinking and driving. Mr. Japheth reports that his drinking has been accelerating by his wife’s absence who is always busy at work—she is a lawyer. Mr. Japheth reports having suicidal thoughts. Mrs. Japheth, on the other hand, complains that his husband’s behavior is frustrating and refused to take the blame her husband places on her. Insisting that she has to work extra since he was fired from his job. Mrs. Japheth denies suicidal thoughts.

Psychiatric History:

Mr. Japheth has a history of alcoholism for 6 years and depression for 10 years……Please click the icon below to purchase full  solution at $10