(Answered) NURS 6650 Week 9 Assignment: Psychotherapeutic Approaches to Group Therapy for Addiction

To prepare:
 Review this week’s Learning Resources and reflect on the insights they provide on
group therapy for addiction.
 View the media, Levy Family: Sessions 1-7, and consider the psychotherapeutic
approaches being used.
The Assignment
In a 2- to 3-page paper, address the following:
 Identify the psychotherapeutic approach that the group facilitator is using, and explain
why she might be using this approach.
 Determine whether or not you would use the same psychotherapeutic approach if you
were the counselor facilitating this group, and justify your decision.
 Identify an alternative approach to group therapy for addiction, and explain why it is an
appropriate option.
 Support your position with evidence-based literature.


Psychotherapeutic Approaches to Group Therapy for Addiction

Therapists must be able to assess their clients’ unique needs and develop an appropriate care plan that meets those needs. This paper examines the case of Mr. Levy, an ex-veteran who is addicted to alcohol, caused by his desire to avoid the traumatic experiences in the Iraq war. His excessive alcohol addiction has been causing problems in his relationship with his wife. His wife has been complaining about and criticizing his alcohol consumption behavior. Mr. Levy is seeking help to be able to stop alcohol consumption and traumatic memories and ultimately rebuild the deteriorating relationship with his wife (Laureate Education (Producer), 2013d). He is signed for both individual and group therapy. This paper examines the group therapy and psychotherapeutic approaches employed by the group facilitator and an explanation of whether I would apply the same approach. It also identifies another therapy applicable to the same group.Please click the icon below to purchase full  solution at $10