(Answered) Poli 330N Week 7 Assignment: Essay – Creating Your Ideal State

Your country just overthrew its dictator, and you are the newly elected President. Unfortunately, due to the divisions in the country and the years of war, economic, military, and political structures are non-existent. A group of loyalists to the old dictator have been detonating bombs, murdering civilians, assassinating leaders, and terrorizing towns with help from a neighboring country’s dictator.

Create a comprehensive plan for your new government. While creating this government identify the governing style, functions of various branches of government, principles that govern leaders, the maintaining of public good, which economic structure is most beneficial to your citizens, at least two domestic programs, ways to create national unity, ways to combat terrorism and violence, and international organizations to join. (See rubric for specific ways to meet the requirements of the paper.)

Paper headings:

  • Introduction (1 paragraph)
    • Introduce your country
    • Briefly outline all of the parts of the paper
  • Domestic Concerns (1-2 pages)
    • Identify governing style and principles that correlate to this style
    • Identify the branches of government and its functions
    • Development of two public good domestic programs and how they will meet the public good
    • Economic structure and reason why this should be used
    • Socializing citizens is noted with rationale for how it creates national unity
  • Foreign Concerns (1-2 pages)
    • Two international organizations are noted, one for economics and one for security
    • Descriptions of both organizations
    • Rationales for joining these organizations
    • Steps to joining
    • Two ways your country will combat the neighboring country’s terrorist threat and the domestic threat
    • Two ways these will be effective
  • Conclusion (1 paragraph)
    • Summarize information


Creating Your Ideal State

A plethora of interpretivism schools of thoughts has contended that dictatorship is the worst type of government. This is hugely attributed to the fact that it violated basic human rights and freedoms. According to Magstadt (2017), under the dictatorship, the absolute power is typically concentrated in the hands of few people, who oppress the citizens immensely. Therefore, stopping dictatorship regimes is considered one of the most imperative steps towards ensuring that there is protection of freedoms and rights of the citizens. From this pointy of view, as a newly elected president of a country that has just overthrown its dictator, a comprehensive plan would be pivotal to a significant extent. This can play a fundamental role in ensuring that there is a restoration of key government functions. This essay aims at providing a comprehensive plan for the newly formed government in relation to governing styles, branches of the government, economic systems and structures, and international and domestic counterterrorism measures.  The paper also aims at exploring international organizations that the country should join for economic and security purposes.

Domestic Concerns

As contended by Magstadt (2017), the role of governing styles cannot be overlooked in regards to determining the development of political, social, and economic aspects of a particular country. In the newly formed government, democratic leadership will be the adopted style of government. Democratic leadership, as elucidated by various scholars is a form of shared leadership where all citizens take part in the decision-making process.  As such, democratic government is typically characterized by the protection of human rights, fair and free elections, as well as civic participation. Most importantly, democratic leadership is characterized by the respect of the rule of law, which forms the main principle of this form of governing style..Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $10