(Answered) POLI330N Week 3 Assignment: Essay – Developing a Democracy

Many countries have gone through various ways of governing-by one, by a group, or by the people. Pick one developing country. Examine this country’s political history and current barriers in developing their democracy. Create a concise argument on the type of democracy they should institute and why.

Use the following list to select your developing country: https://www.usaid.gov/sites/default/files/documents/1876/310mab.pdf (Links to an external site.)

Writing Requirements (APA format)

  • Length: 1.5-2 pages (not including title page or references page)
  • 1-inch margins
  • Double spaced
  • 12-point Times New Roman font
  • Title page
  • References page (minimum of 2 scholarly sources)



Democracy in China

Max Weber defines a state as a legitimate monopoly of authority within and over a given jurisdiction (Fukuyama, 2016). These are hierarchical institutions that concentrate and generate power. They also employ their power to protect their communities, enforce regulations, establish and maintain peace, and provide needed services and resources(Fukuyama, 2016). A state can adopt any political system it sees fit. However, democracy is deemed to be the foundation of a modern government. China is one of the countries that have tried to establish a modern government in the past. This paper explores the attempted transition and factors that led to the country’s regression into traditionally authoritarian rule.

Today, China remains under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party. It uses a single-party authoritarian system. The said party has been in power since 1949 when it freed the people from imperialist subjugation (Weatherley& Magee, 2018). Since then, it has held its position through the oppression of opposition, indoctrination to the socialist and orderly ideology, and proclamations of being the sole defender of the state’s interests. However, there are times in which the country has attempted to reduce the influence of the party.