(Answered) SOCW 6200 week 10 Assignment: Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment

Submit by Day 7 a 6- to 9-page paper that focuses on an adolescent from one of the case studies presented in this course. For this assignment, complete a bio-psycho-social assessment and provide an analysis of the assessment. This assignment is divided into two parts (Part A& Part B):


Part A: Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment: The assessment should be written in professional language and include sections on each of the following:

  1. Presenting issue (including referral source)
  2. Demographic information
  3. Current living situation
  4. Birth and developmental history
  5. School and social relationships
  6. Family members and relationships
  7. Health and medical issues (including psychological and psychiatric functioning, substance abuse)
  8. Spiritual development
  9. Social, community, and recreational activities
  10. Client strengths, capacities, and resources


Part B: Analysis of Assessment. Address each of the following:

  • Explain the challenges faced by the client(s)—for example, drug addiction, lack of basic needs, victim of abuse, new school environment, etc.
  • Analyze how the social environment affects the client.
  • Identify which human behavior or social theoriesmay guide your practice with this individual and explain how these theories inform your assessment.
  • Explain how you would use this assessment to develop mutually agreed-upon goals to be met in order to address the presenting issue and challenges face by the client.
  • Explain how you would use the identified strengths of the client(s) in a treatment plan.
  • Explain how you would use evidence-based practice when working with this client and recommend specific intervention strategies (skills, knowledge, etc.) to address the presenting issue.
  • Analyze the ethical issues present in the case. Explain how will you address them.
  • Describe the issues will you need to address around cultural competence.


Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment of Eboni

The biopsychosocial (BPS) model is used to systematically review an individual’s biological, psychological, and socio-cultural elements which impact his or her functioning and development. The assessment is usually performed at the beginning of therapy by social workers, counsellors, and therapists to establish the primary elements related to the person’s challenge. According to Zastrow and Kirst-Ashman (2016), the approach is a holistic assessment that examines the client at different levels. This is based on the assertion that a challenge does not present from a vacuum and besides evaluating the individual as a person, it is further imperative to examine their environment as well. This paper is an EBS of Eboni Logan who is a 16-year old bi-cultural female. The assessment is in two parts which include the bio-psycho-social assessment and the assessment analysis.

Part A: Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment

Present Issue

The issue revolves around Eboni’s two months pregnancy which she has just discovered and has been the source of challenges with her social environment including the mother and boyfriend Darian (Plummer, Makris, & Brocksen, 2014). Eboni’s mother, Darlene upon learning about the pregnancy yelled at Eboni and called her a slut. n……Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $15