(Answered) SOCW 6200 week 11 Discussion: Indicators of Suicide

For this Discussion, use the Parker Family case study to consider the indicators of suicide. Also think about how you might react to students in this situation if you were a social worker in a school.

By Day 3

Post your answer to the following:

  • After learning about the character in the Parker Family case study, imagine that you were the school social worker. Which indicators would you have looked for and why.
  • How would you have responded to each of those indicators?
  • What kinds of questions would you have asked and why?

Please use the Learning Resources to support your answer.


Social workers are tasked with identifying the client’s situation and the associated factors. For suicide attempt victims, it is imperative for the social worker to establish the core indicators which aid in developing management strategies. In the Parker Family case study, three main indicators are depression and bi-polar condition, challenging relationship between the individual and the mother, and the number of hospitalization times (Plummer, Makris, & Brocksen, 2014). ….Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5