(Answered) SOCW 6200 week 3 Discussion: Parenting and Child Development

For this Discussion, watch this week’s Sessions episode on the Hernandez Family.

By Day 3

Post n explanation of the potential value of Juan and Elena’s participation in the parenting class. If a child is exposed to behavior standards that do not account for his or her developmental stage, how might this impact the child’s development? Please use the Learning Resources to support your answer


The growth and development of a child occur in stages. Parents are required to pay attention to the child’s development which is reflected in their behaviors. Among the aspects that influence these behaviors to include the child’s environment and the parenting style (Sturge-Apple, Davies, & Cummings, 2010). In addition, a child’s behavior is influenced by their relationship with their parents and the teachings they receive from them. Essentially, parents are required to connect with their children while guiding them on values, virtues, cultures, and behaviors as expected by the society.

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