(Answered) SOCW 6200 week 5 discussion:Strengths Across Development

This assignment supports that process by asking you to engage in self-reflection and consider how the material you have engaged with in the past 4 weeks applies to you. Using the Kultura Media tool, you will video record your response to the assignment questions.

By Day 3

Record a 4-5 minute video in which you discuss:

  • Identify an event that occurred in your childhood that influenced who you are today.
    • Please consider guidelines related to self-disclosure and do not discuss an event that is potentially still triggering or share intimate details.
  • Identify the developmental stage you were at when the event occurred and describe the important psychological, biological, and social factors that typically occur during this stage.
  • Explain how the social environment impacted your experience.

Explain your strengths during that time and whether these strengths have changed as you have developed.


Human development is centered on a number of unique and distinct stages from birth until one dies. One of the critical stages in an individual’s development is the adolescence which commences from about 10-12 years until one is aged 18-21 (Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2016). Essentially, age is not the only determining factor of an adolescent but also other milestones and changes classified into three main aspects including cognitive, physical, and socio-emotional. An important aspect to note is that these changes influence one’s behavior and experience which may reflect the adult stage.

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