(Answered) SOCW-6210 week 11: Systems Perspective and Social Change

Zastrow and Kirst-Ashman (2016) stated, “Clients are affected by and in constant dynamic interactions with other systems, including families, groups, organizations, and communities” (p. 35-36). As a social worker, when you address the needs of an individual client, you also take into account the systems with which the client interacts. Obtaining information about these systems helps you better assess your client’s situation. These systems may provide support to the client, or they may contribute to the client’s presenting problem.

For this Discussion, review “Working With People With Disabilities: The Case of Lester.”Consider the systems with which Lester Johnson, the client, interacts. Think about ways you might apply a systems perspective to his case. Also, consider the significance of the systems perspective for social work in general.

By Day 3

Post a Discussion in which you explain how multiple systems interact to impact individuals. Explain how you, as a social worker, might apply a systems perspective to your work with Lester Johnson. Finally, explain how you might apply a systems perspective to social work practice.


Multiple systems interact to influence a person’s life at varying degrees (Carson & Madoc-Jones, 2011). Lester Johnson, a 59-year-old, African American widower with two adult children who depends on multiple systems in his life such as his family, rehabilitation facilities, and social workers following involvement in a car accident which resulted to serious injuries, an intracerebral hemorrhaging and limited cognition(Plummer, Makris and Brocksen 2014). Before the accident happened, Lester was an electrician and lived independently in a family home (Plummer et al., 2014)….Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5