(Answered) SOCW-6210 week 4 Assignment: Genogram: Hernandez Family

As you have been exploring human behavior and the social environment, you have likely increased your awareness of the many biological, psychological, and sociological factors that affect individual behavior. Human relationships are complex, and social workers may find it difficult to keep these important interactions in mind when addressing a client’s needs. Murray Bowen (as cited in Zastrow& Kirst-Ashman, 2016, p. 595) developed the genogram, a tool to help social workers and other practitioners create a record of family relationships. Once a social worker creates a genogram for a client, he or she may refer to it when analyzing the client’s situation.

To prepare for this Assignment, become familiar with how to create a genogram, which is presented in this week’s resources. Also, review this week’s media about Juan and Elena Hernandez’s visit with their social worker.

By Day 7

Submit a 2- to 4-page paper that includes the following:

  • A genogram of the Hernandez family
  • An analysis of the Hernandez family’s case based on the genogram including the following information.
    • Identify an element of the Hernandez family’s case that may influence the way Juan and Elena Hernandez address their issue with the social worker.
    • Explain how the genogram you created might help you address the needs of the Hernandez family.


Genogram: Hernandez Family

Human relationships are complex and may pose a substantial challenge especially when dealing with social problems. Due to this complexity, it often becomes difficult to establish a meaningful connection, particularly during therapy sessions. According to Thomas, Liu, Umberson, and Suitor (2017), to have a comprehensive understanding of a family relationship, it is important to possess a broader scope of an entire family structure. To achieve this crucial milestone, genogram has been found to be critical. As Sweeney, Baggerly, and Ray (2014) state, a genogram is a visual apparatus that depicts an individual’s family relationships as well as a history that spans beyond a traditional family tree. The overarching purpose of this paper will be to design and analyze the Hernandez family’s genogram while identifying aspects concerning the Hernandez family, which might affect the manner in which Juan and Elena solve their concern through the assistance the social worker. Additionally, the paper attempts to offer a clarification on how the genogram may assist a social worker in addressing the problems of the Hernandez family.

A Genogram of the Hernandez Family

The Hernandez family’s Case Analysis

The genogram comprehensively illustrates the immediate family members from Juan and Elena. From the left plane is Elena’s family tree composed of parents (Anthony and Sofia) and her four other siblings……..Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5