(Answered) SOCW-6210 week 7 Assignment:Models of Grieving

The death of a loved one is a significant event that everyone experiences. An individual’s social environment, including societal and familial cultural factors, may influence how an individual approaches death or grieves the loss of someone else who dies. You can anticipate addressing grief in your social work practice and, therefore, should develop an understanding of the grieving process.

Models of grieving may identify stages through which an individual progresses in response to the death of a loved one; however, these stages do not necessarily occur in lockstep order. People who experience these stages may do so in different order or revisit stages in a circular fashion. Understanding the various ways individuals cope with grief helps you to anticipate their responses and to assist them in managing their grief. Select one model of grieving to address in this assignment.

Addressing the needs of grieving family members can diminish your personal emotional, mental, and physical resources. In addition to developing strategies to assist grieving individuals in crisis, you must develop strategies that support self-care.

In this Assignment, you apply a grieving model to work with families in a hospice environment and suggest strategies for self-care.

By Day 7

Submit a 2- to 4-page paper in which you:

  • Explain how you, as a social worker, might apply the grieving model you selected to your work with families in a hospice environment.
    • Explain why you selected to use the grieving model you selected versus other models of grief.
  • Identify components of the grieving model that you think might be difficult to apply to your social work practice. Explain why you anticipate these challenges.
  • Identify strategies you might use for your own self care as a social worker dealing with grief counseling. Explain why these strategies might be effective.

Support your Assignment with specific references to the resources. Be sure to provide full APA citations for your references.


Models of Grieving

The roles of social workers range from delivering public assistance to end-of-life care to individuals. Social workers have continued to contribute to end-of-life care within hospice care. The hospice program makes an attempt to promote dignified death and to avoid instances in which people die undignified deaths surrounded by medical staff (Stroebe & Schut, 2010). The deaths not only affect the direct victims but also their bereaved families and friends who in most case enter the grieving process as they try to deal with the loss of their loved one (s). Social workers have the role to support these grieving individuals through their stages until they heal completely and return to their “normalcy” (Mitchell & Murillo, 2016). To achieve this, social workers ought to be knowledgeable of various models of grieving. Taking this into consideration, this paper seeks to identify and select the optimal grieving model applicable to helping individuals deal with their loss, identify the components of the grieving challenging to apply, and strategies applicable to self-care and their effectiveness in helping a social worker to handle grief counseling……..Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $10