(Answered) SOCW-6210 week 9:Spiritual Development

Furness and Gilligan (2010) stated, “There is a growing body of literature written predominantly for health professionals and more recently for social workers about the importance of developing and incorporating cultural and spiritual sensitivity and awareness in their work with others” (p. 2187). Spirituality, which may or may not include involvement with an established religion, contributes to human diversity and influences human behavior. An individual’s spirituality may be an important factor in his or her social environment. As a social worker, your awareness of a client’s spirituality may help increase your understanding of the client and his or her needs.

Sensitivity to and respect for your client’s spiritual dimension reflects your appreciation of diversity. As you consider the potential impact of your clients’ spirituality on their perspectives and behavior, you must also consider how your spirituality might influence your interactions with a client.

For this Discussion, you consider the impact of spirituality on your interactions with clients.

By Day 3

Post a Discussion in which you explain how considerations about clients’ worldviews, including their spirituality or religious convictions, might affect your interactions with them. Provide at least two specific examples. In addition, explain one way your own spirituality or religious convictions might support your work with a client, and one barrier it might present. Finally, share one strategy for applying an awareness of spirituality to social work practice in general.


Spirituality is ideally suited to be incorporated in social work practice particularly in responsible and respectful means to therapeutic interventions with clients. This is due to the fact that it is the center of existence for a myriad of individuals and has a broad reach (Furness & Gilligan, 2010). With the increasing research examining the impact of client’s spirituality in social work practice, it is highly paramount for social workers to develop spirituality competence in order to understand different clients’ worldview whilst developing the ability to manage adversities related to spirituality. ….Please click the icon below to purchase full solution at $5