(Answered) SOCW 6301 Week 10 Assignment:Assignment: Article Review and Critique

By now, you should be aware that the findings from a research study are only part of the story. As a consumer, hoping to inform practice by use of an evidence base, you want to know much more. A sound research study includes all the steps highlighted in previous weeks: reviewing existing literature, focusing a research question, choosing a qualitative or quantitative method for answering the question, designing the study including selection of data collection procedures and/or measures, procedures used, data analysis plan, and findings. In addition, the study commonly discusses how ethical concerns were addressed and acknowledges the limitations of the study. For this assignment, you review a published research study with two purposes in mind:

  • Observing the structure and content of the article
  • Comparing the content of the article to the recommended content of sections for a research study.

By Day 7

Submit a 7-10 page critique and review of the article, which includes the title page and the reference list. Follow the guidelines below:

  1. Use the quantitative or qualitative research article that you located and that your instructor approved as part of the Week 5 assignment.
  2. Provide an APA reference for the article you select.
  3. If you selected a quantitative research study, use the “Quantitative Article Review and Critique. If you selected a qualitative study, use the “Qualitative Article Review and Critique.” Respond to all the questions.

Be sure to include the questions in your critique. This will cause your SafeAssign report to show high similarity to other students’ papers. However, do not be concerned about that. Do, however, appropriately paraphrase and cite specific details from the article you review.

Submission and Grading Information

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Article Review and Critique

This paper will review and critique a quantitative study by Foa et al. (2018) which used a randomized clinical trial to study the efficacy of prolonged exposure therapy on the severity of PTSD symptoms. It includes a review and critique of authors and title, abstract, research problem /purpose of the study, logical consistency, aims and objectives/research question/ research hypothesis, sample and sample size, ethical considerations, data collection, instrument design, data analysis, and conclusion.

Authors and Title

The study was done by a group of educated and skills health professionals in which a significant number was Registered Nurses at PhD levels. The high educational levels showed that the authors have substantial knowledge in the nursing area, the subject under study, and the ability to ask pertinent questions.

The title of the study is “Effect of Prolonged Exposure Therapy Delivered Over 2 Weeks vs 8 Weeks vs Present-Centered Therapy on PTSD Symptom Severity in Military Personnel. A Randomized Clinical Trial.” The title clearly identified the study’s purpose. However, it was long to some extent and can easily confuse a reader, especially those not used to the language of psychology.


The article had an abstract which provided a succinct and clear overview of the article. It included information regarding the importance and objective of the study, study methods (design, setting, and sample), interventions, main outcomes and measures, findings, conclusions, and relevance. The abstract was easy to understand and it allowed for the determination of whether the study is relevant and of interest….Click link below to purchase full tutorial at $10